Push ups log for Tension9


Level Performed at Max Comment
Week 3 Day 1 2018-07-24 20 wow. Felt terrible today. woke up with traps feeling so tight that they hurt will all movement. pain all day long. during test left knee cap was feeling weird (think ive been sleeping on it wrong) and during 4th set right arm started to lock up. Not happy with this workout.
Week 2 Day 3 2018-07-21 30 Column 3. Was not sore going into the work out, but a bit tired. Workout went well, but arms felt super heavy before last set. The last set went good, but as I got towards the end I thought it would be another day where I ended at 25. I slowed way the hell down and pushed with everything and ended on 30. VERY happy with progress already. To finish a day's workout with a higher number than my initial test feels great! Very much looking forward to doing another exhaustion test tomorrow. Going into it before today's workout, my goal was 40, now I think I will up it to 45.
Week 2 Day 2 2018-07-19 25 column 3. Had a lot of personal shit going on the last few days and was kinda feeling like ****. I was also wondering how the increased recovery time would lead me to getting tired during last 2 sets. wasnt too bad, although quick to feel very tired after last push up than other workouts. going into last set I felt like it would be hard, but that I could do more than 17. Was expecting 20, but very happy with the 25. very satisfying pump after workout.
Week 2 Day 1 2018-07-16 20 column 3. Workout was alright. Been sleeping on shoulder wrong and have slight pain. Still didn't expect to do as many. Already feeling like workouts are getting challenging. looking forward to next 2 workouts with increased rest time. Feel like it will be harder.
Week 1 Day 3 2018-07-13 15 Was feeling pretty good at the start of the day. still feeling previous workout a bit, but not super sore. workout started alright, but couldnt go crazy like last time. only finished with 15.
Week 1 Day 2 2018-07-11 28 Column 3. Was still little sore going into workout Felt great going in sets. did my last set a bit fast for the first 2 and didnt hit nose to the ground, but still probably full push-up. Not counting them in total all good form/good speed 28 FELT GREAT
Week 1 Day 1 2018-07-09 15 Column 3 workout. maxed out 15 felt ok

Exhaustion tests

Push ups Performed at Comment
46 2018-07-21 nailed it. went into test feeling great. Very happy with test. Did it day after week 3 day 3 workout.
28 2018-07-05 Felt really weak before test



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