Push ups log for Mikegringo


Level Performed at Max Comment
Week 1 Day 3 2018-01-23 13 Okay so I'm having a 2-day rest in between push-up sessions -- that's what I need to be better prepared to take on the next workout. Managed again to do the minimum for the final set. Gotta do better. Week 02 will be different
Week 1 Day 2 2018-01-20 12 Same comments. still struggled with last set. Glad to finish 12 reps
Week 1 Day 1 2018-01-17 9 10-12-7-7-9 * Used pushup technique from Freeletics. * 2-minute rest between sets * Really struggled during the last set. Worked hard to get 9 pushups

Exhaustion tests

Push ups Performed at Comment
17 2018-01-13 initial test



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