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Level Performed at Max Comment
Week 2 Day 1 2018-01-01 22 Total 59
Week 1 Day 3 2017-12-12 26 Arms were sore for a few days after last two sets. I missed a couple of days, but have decided to just continue where I left off instead of waiting for the 'right' day. Total pushups 58
Week 1 Day 2 2017-12-07 30 Arms still slightly sore from yesterday. Feeling good about the program though, keen to get this going with strong momentum. TOTAL 56
Week 1 Day 1 2017-12-06 20 Day 1. Today was likely the most productive day of my life. It was amazing. I was 30 mins on the treadmill and also started this pushup program again. I hope to finish it this time. Total 40 pushups

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